Mike and Kathy

In this tough real estate market we needed a partner who knew the area; was professional and enthusiastic in representing our home; would communicate well and often with us, and had the marketing reach to attract buyers. Gabriela filled those requirements, fully.

We interviewed three firms and selected Gabriela. She came to our meeting prepared with a thoughtful analysis of not just previous sales but also pending sales and a current listing of active properties. She stratified the sales between short sales, foreclosures and normal sales giving us a much clearer indication of where the true value of our home was. She was the most professional, best prepared of our interviews and had the most thoughtful analysis of what we should expect.

The marketing program developed for our property was first rate and it, if results are any indication, was a complete success. Our home hit the market the day before Mother’s Day and we had not only an immediate flurry of activity but a very reasonable offer the very next day. All in, it took about 9 days to reach a contract.

Gabriela communicated thoroughly with us throughout the process (including Mother’s Day and evenings) and made the entire transaction almost painless.  

I cannot express enough how much of a pleasure it was to work with her on selling our home. She is a wonderful person, extremely knowledgeable and professional and, above all, got the job done in excellent fashion. I highly recommend her for your home. ~ Kathy and Mike Fuss

— Mike and Kathy - Happy Clients